Sunday, December 05, 2004

Fresno State for BCS!

Mack Brown, the coach of the University of Texas (American) Football Team, is asking voters in the AP and USA Today/ESPN polls to vote Texas ahead of California so that Texas can go to a BCS Bowl. There are literally millions of dollars at stake.

But why should once beaten Texas be ranked ahead of once beaten California? And why should we have more sympathy for Texas' BCS woes than for Cal's BCS woes? The simple answer is that we they shouldn't and we shouldn't. Why? For starters, Cal's only loss was to a higher ranked team (#1 USC versus Texas' loss to #2 Oklahoma). Second, Cal actually beat USC last year while Texas hasn't beaten OU for the last 5 years. And third, I can't stand whiners and that's all Mack Brown's been doing the past several weeks.

But I do want the poll voters to change their votes for this week. I want them to put Fresno State and Utah ahead of both Cal and Texas. Why? Because that would mean that 25% of the BCS bowl money would go to non-BCS conferences/teams and that would be poetic justice.

We need a playoff in Division 1A college football.


Gene said...

ah, quitcher whinin' .. I remember when there wasn't no sech thang as a Bee Cee Ess, and I liked it! Tie me up and call me Daisy, but we didn't need poetic justice when Walter Cronkite decided who the best team was. Walter also nominated the Supreme Court justices between 1958 and 1974, and even decided the winner of the Kentucky Derby one year.

Ah, I can smell one of Aunt Bea's pies burning in the oven now. Oh, wait .. that's my oven. Never mind.


William Bob said...

I agree that things were fine before the BCS came along. Many bowls were tied, at least partially, to certain conferences and the money wasn't especially huge. "Controversy" over who was really #1 was minimized because there was really very little chance of a playoff of any kind.

But then "things" changed. I'll spare all y'all the litany, but it involves filthy lucre.

And it's all over now anyway. At least as far as bowl selection goes. The human voters had the sense to ignore Mack Brown, but someone must've been wearing polyester underwear in the vicinity of the computers because they put Texas ahead of Cal. So Texas goes to the Rose Bowl and Cal is left out in the nether reaches (playing Texas Tech!). :-(