Wednesday, December 15, 2004

And they're off!

Another football bowl season started last night with the venerable New Orleans Bowl, which pitted Division 1A powerhouses Southern Mississippi (7-5) and the University of North Texas (7-5) against one another.

There will be 28 bowl games this season, meaning that 56 teams will go bowling. But I wonder, outside of the big bowls, which pair up highly ranked teams, do these other bowls make money? Do the schools that play in them make money? Heck, to the restaurants and hotels in the host cities, or the cities themselves make money?

Then again, since I don't care about the teams playing in these bowls (even when its my alma mater that goes), why should I care about the poor sots who fund them, however indirectly? I'll tell you why: because it interrupts my regularly scheduled programming! I'd rather watch "Cops" than watch UNT and whatever the abbreviation is for Southern Mifipi play High School level football.

Hook 'Em!


Gene said...

first: let's hope no one from UNT or Southern Mississippi reads your blog!

second: where can I find a list of those 28 bowls? Is the Egg Bowl among them? Last winter, when I was away, I noticed a lot of local interest in the Egg Bowl, which had somehow escaped my attention before ...

William Bob said...

To the UNT and Southern Mississippi fans who are offended, well, that's life. I've taken jabs at my own school in earlier posts and I'm entitled to my opinion. The offended are free to post a comment or to write their own blog.

To your second question, the list of bowls can be found at