Monday, August 08, 2005

One up — Another still up

In the past couple of days we've waited anxiously for one group of 7 to return from space and for another group of 7 to return from what might be called deep space.

The first group are astronauts in the US Space Shuttle Discovery and they are currently stuck in space because of cloud cover in Florida. Before that, they weren't sure if they would be stuck in space due to safety concerns related to damage to the TPS (we love acronyms :-). We continue to wait for their safe return.

The second group are submariners in the Russian Navy (cue memories of Alan Arkin in "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming") who were stuck 190 meters or so underwater in a rescue sub. Thankfully they were able to consume no oxygen whatsoever, preserving their 24-hours supply for three days and surfacing (thanks to a little help from their friends driving a yellow submarine) with that same 24-hour supply. I have to admit to being surprised, though pleased, at their survival.

Aside #32.125: What's with that crazy hat the Russian Admiral wore? Have you ever seen a hat so big outside of a church on Easter Sunday?

Aside #33.333: I've never used links as much as Gebo, but after his recent diatribe I've decided to use them even more infrequently for fear of being publicly identified as an idiot.

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