Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tick-Tock (part 2)

Yesterday I claimed that St. Jude Medical didn't make pacemakers. This morning the old fart, my father, got his pacemaker id card. It claimed that my father had a model 5380 pacemaker made by St. Jude Medical. Hmmm.

A bit more poking on SJM's website and I found the Implantable Device Reference Guide, including a search form. That search form said that a pacemaker model 5380 is made by St. Jude Medical! Its marketing family is the Identity ADx Pacemaker and the 5380 is the Identity ADx DR model.

Me thinks that St. Jude Medical should update their web site.

Also, my dad seems to be tolerating the Tikosyn (Dofetilide) well and, if nothing untoward happens betwixt now and then, he should be released Friday afternoon.

1 comment:

Gene said...

yeah, but will he be able to play the piano?

i suspect the device is OEM; you can't really tell until you open it up and nose around the etching on the silicon. then again, your dad may take offense to that (preferring you open up/nose around a COPY of the one that's inside him).