Monday, November 29, 2004

Now I know why they're losing money!

There have been recent rumors that Toys 'R' Us might sell its toy stores. Of course, one has to wonder what would be left if they did that, but that's not what concerns me today.

TRU, like every other store in the XMAS celebrating world, was having a big sale Friday and Saturday. One featured toy was the Lego Alpha Team Mobile Command Center for $24.95. This is half off! Since this toy is on the "I really, really, really, really, REALLY want this for Christmas" list of both of my children I decided to brave the holiday traffic and try to get it.

So I'm at the store and there are none on the shelf. Just an empty space. It was Saturday, so maybe they sold out on Friday. But having been in this situation before I looked up. Not to pray, but to see if there were any on the top of the shelves — and there were! So I called for a ladder and waited. And waited. And waited. When the highly motivated temporary worker finally showed up he got down... one.

I explained that this toy was featured in the current circular at half price and that the empty space on the shelf indicated that it was popular and that it might be a good idea to get down a few more so that people could buy them without him having to get a ladder each time. "Well, this isn't my department."

Sigh. And I'm sure he really believes that the reason he can't find a better paying job is because, a) illegal immigrants are taking them all, or b) they're all being shipped to India. Sigh.

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Gene said...

In the not-so-distant past, there was a TRU on Arapaho, east of the Tollway. I used to stop by there every few weeks to buy my toys (!) on the way to work. Then, they moved to Plano .. about 15 miles away. If this was Bufordville, Arkansas I might be able to understand a move that far from where they'd developed a base, but noooo ....

Granted, the TRU management (nor the local store staff, based on your blog) are skilled rocket surgeons [sic].