Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not the Cruddiest Anymore

As of two days ago, I no longer have the cruddiest fence on the alley. I don't have the best fence either, though that is due at least in part to the fact that I have no fence at the moment.

My old fence was getting pretty pathetic with lots of rotting cross pieces and boards falling off. It's gotten so bad in the past year or two that even screws weren't enough to reattach the boards, so I've been making periodic trips to the home improvement store to buy replacement bits. I'll bet the neighbors love the patchwork appearance!

But no more. The fence is gone and a stone wall with fence atop are being constructed. The yard behind the wall will be leveled, making for a better play space for the kids and allowing the planting of a vegetable garden when the drought is over.

The only sad thing is that the old wooden fence posts weren't rotten enough to fall over in a strong wind. If that had happened I might have been able to get insurance to pay for part of the replacement.

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